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Wounded Healer
Produced at the Nubeena studios of 97.7 Tasman FM

Wounded Healer, a nationally syndicated radio program originally broadcast on Community Radio Satellite, examined the many paths to empowerment and personal sovereignty... everything from holistic therapies and spiritual awareness to myth and symbolism.

Each week, drawing from resources as varied as Carl Jung, Rudolf Steiner and Joseph Campbell, native American teachings and ancient mystic wisdom, Wounded Healer looked at the many different aspects of the self-empowerment process that comes from taking responsibility for not just one's health, but everything in one's reality!


Written and presented by Selenna
"Western medicine has its focus on the treatment of symptoms, but the healing process cannot begin without the active participation of the patient. Unless the patient acknowledges and consciously addresses the source of the imbalance their symptoms will not only return, but likely get worse", Selenna explains her motivation for presenting the program. "With Wounded Healer I wanted to interest the listener in the advantages of becoming aware of how their inner dimension affects their outer reality - as within, so without. It's not just a program for those who are already sick... we are all wounded in some way. Discovering the connectivity of all things and understanding how the denial of that connection creates imbalance within our bodies, prefereably before it manifests itself as physical dis-ease, makes good sense. And it's fun, too."

Selenna has taught self-esteem and personal development courses at the local district school and with her partner, Tom, has conducted various workshops on The Alchemy of Loving Relationships, Fear of Intimacy and Personal Sovereignty - Claiming One's Birthright. She is trained to teach creative conflict resolution skills and has also worked as Practice Manager at Hobart's best known holistic medical practice. Selenna is also a Registered Civil Marriage Celebrant.

Alan and Selenna at Tasman FMReadings by Alan Andrews
Alan is a professional actor with experience in live theatre, film, television and radio; both in Australia and overseas.

We were delighted when Alan agreed to be involved in the production of Wounded Healer, not only because of his skills with voicework, but also as he is an experienced practitioner in both the Metamorphic Technique (therapy through footwork) and Brian Gill's "Towards Deep Centre" (getting in touch with one's Self) which he utilises in his professional capacity as an actor.

Produced by Tom Giblin
Tom was a past Vice President and Technical Officer with 97.7 Tasman FM and designed and installed the station's Nubeena studios, where he was also a broadcaster. In addition, he has worked as a design consultant in the community broadcasting sector and also as a digital image specialist.

Tom's association with radio dates from the mid 70's, when he was involved with establishing 3EA (Ethnic Radio - Melbourne), the forerunner to SBS. He has also worked in the music recording and film and television industries through the 1970's and 1980's in Melbourne and Hobart. He is currently working as a Pathway Planning Officer with the Department of Education, where he assists young Tasmanians with their post-Year 10 education and career planning.

The 52 episode Wounded Healer series is available on audio CD (AIFF format), either individually or as a complete series. Please refer to the episode theme table below. Each episode is one hour duration and is interspersed with relevant music from artists such as:- Van Morrison, Sting, Jewel, Enya, John Lennon, Jackson Browne, Mark Knopfler, Eva Cassidy, Oliver Shanti and friends. The ratio of spoken word to music is roughly 2:1

1.Wounded Healer
2. Love
3. Dreams
4. Paradise
5. Gems & Crystals
6. Reason for Illness
7. Angels, Miracles & Faith
8. Atlantis, Avalon.. The Golden Age
9. Myth
10. Meditation
11. Four Functions I
12. Four Functions II
13. Sister Moon
14. Conscious Awareness
15. Ritual I
16. Ritual II
17. White Buffalo Calf Woman I
18. White Buffalo Calf Woman II

19. Planetary Healing
20. Hopes & Fears
21. Death I
22. Death II
23. Death III - Interview
24. Shamanism
25. Osiris
26. Chakras I
27. Chakras II
28. Chakras III
29. Chakras IV
30. Tarot - Interview
31. Faith & Belief
32. Law & Ethics
33. Emotions
34. The Sun
35. Hands-On Healing
36. Feng Shui
37. Alchemy
38. Mysticism
39. Breath Therapy - Interview
40. Reconciliation
41. Mystic Jesus I
42. Mystic Jesus II
43. Peace
44. Relationships I
45. Relationships II
46. Nourishment
47. Power of the Circle
48. Essenes I
49. Essenes II
50. Sound/Mantras
51. Creating One’s Own Reality
52. Metamorphic Technique - Interview


For more information on purchasing Wounded Healer, please email Selenna
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Copyright © Pam Giblin (Selenna) - Hobart, Tasmania 2011