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NemetonNemeton, by Pam Giblin

Nemeton is a futuristic spiritual odyssey... a novel of insight and hope


When Krista left the City, she knew it would be for the last time; but could she leave it all behind?... The Age of Pisces has passed, and with it, the material world - the world of separation.

As governments fail to act and their economies crumble, the Collapse opens the door for the final stage of human development; but how many will choose to cross the threshold - into a future whose lores are as old as time itself?

Few believe they have the necessary skills to make the change. For those that do, an exciting world awaits...


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Note: In the paperback version, Nemeton (by Pam Giblin) contains the stories of Krista and Jovina.

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What the reviewers wrote:

Purple dot Pam Giblin's first book has moved me deeply... Daring in its scope, the novel introduces us to a host of colourful characters, struggling to come to terms with their sudden tribal and personal awakenings...
From its early chapters, one is aware that the work is challenging existing belief systems, and drawing on ancient, intuitive belief systems existing deep within us.
Do not pick this book up unless you are prepared to face serious social challenges and, at times, challenges of a very personal nature.

Debbie Hunter, Book Reviewer - The "Daily Planet" Nov-Dec 1993


This is a delightful novel, that is potential truth disguised as fiction, from Australian writer Pam Giblin.
There is... shamanism, mystical communion with the elemental kingdom, personal transcendence and telepathic communication.
Written in 1992, "Nemeton" was very apt for its time and as such is both frightening in its initial stages, and tremendously exciting in its depiction of human consciousness re-discovering its soul.
"Nemeton" is a fantastic read.

Jasper (Soltec), Book Reviewer - "Eagles Wings" magazine Sept-Oct 1995


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Beyond the Veils of Time
A Question of Sovereignty
Daughter of the Sun God - Part 1
Daughter of the Sun God - Part 2



Beyond the Veils
of Time


A Question of Sovereignty


Daughter of the
Sun God - The Fall


Daughter of the
Sun God - Grace


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