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Beyond the Veils of Time coverBeyond the Veils of Time - Selected extracts

Celrais (p5)
The first trick one needs to remember as one emerges into the illusion that is called reality, is not to get trapped in time. Not to be dragged in and smothered by other beings' truths. I had to remember, as I burst forth again into this realm of physicality, that my mission was far too important for me to be fooled by the petty divisive issues that many humans consider to be the prime reason for their existence.
When I entered into my chosen lifestreams, superstition still reigned. Despite changes having already occurred, like fatal earthquakes to the institutions of Western thought, to shake a sleeping humanity from the complacency of something as trivial as economic distraction. There were still many who refused to believe that they were the co-creators of a peaceful future. They still lived in fear and struggle; only seeing that their existence was beset with problems and shortages, instead of gifts and joys which inevitably led to the creation of a new self.
For my task I had considered using the more unusual, though still oft-trod, path of walking into already existing bodies (with the agreement of other spirits, of course) yet it seemed the most conventional way into this realm – birth into newly created physical bodies, specific for the purpose – was the choice of highest wisdom, given the tasks that were before me.
I entered with full knowledge of my task. I chose not to create the usual thick veils which would keep me from this Knowingness until adulthood, or even beyond. Physical and emotional bodies need to grow proportionally to the mental and spiritual bodies, so I chose to implant key words and phrases which would activate these memories at appropriate times as I developed. This would enable me to grow through the stage of childhood, which, of course, is extremely important for the emotional body’s development and, at the same time, would also allow me early access to my true origin. This lack of thick veils would not, however, totally detach me from the residual fear remaining within my cellular memory. This fear energy would serve as clues that would lead me to freedom, and completion of the set task.
I gave careful consideration to my Earth parents who would birth my beingness. They would be loving and aware individuals, able to nurture me with as much freedom, and as little control, as possible. Beneath each Earth home of my aspects would be a chamber of crystals which would emit radiations of Love continually, reminding me of my task, until I was old enough to become consciously aware; and then guiding me with wisdom on the return journey Home. I had also prepared a red carpet of expectation which would serve to heighten the importance of my birth. So when I was born, the beings around would celebrate with some knowledge of what it was that I was to reflect for them.
My mission had begun many aeons earlier when, as starseeds we had descended to Earth in God’s service; so in the realms beyond the physical plane, there was great rejoicing at the completion of the divine plan which would culminate in the Thousand Years of Peace, prophesied many times by many masters.
The Illumined Ones, the Ascended Masters, surrounded me with Light as I fragmented and descended one last time into the density of physicality, assuring me of my invincibility. I, now as a number of fragments, would have to discover how to channel the power from the crystal chambers through my physical bodies as conscious vortices of energy and portals of Light, to merge with the celestial energies of the etheric realms. Using this transmuted and powerful energy, I would also access the records of time; and spiralling Light in to replace the darkness, I would, thus, co-create only one possibility for humanity – peace. It could only be done from the physical, because this form is a place of experience. Only with experience is wisdom birthed from knowledge. Only in this way can we truly become Light.
All my fragments were aware that our combined energy state beyond time and space was encapsulated in the coding of mythological entities. It was imperative that we remain consciously aware at all times of our essential spiritual nature. This was the trick – how not to get caught in the illusion. The individual journey, as in all lifetimes, would be filled with much learning. There would be joy. There would also be fear, that awesome teacher and prisoner, would be released in order to empty the body system enough to channel the strength of Light required for the task.
Mostly, we had to be able to show all humanity that this ‘trick’ can be learned by all. Only in this way, will we all conquer time and space. The combined energy of the whole of humanity will realise their divine potential. Manifestation, Travel and communication to anyone, anywhere in the cosmos... all can be achieved by a mere thought. Knowing and Being are some distance apart, however, and clear intention, trust and surrender help one to simply Be Love.

Water (p111)
“ Nagini watched us from the entrance.
“All energy returns to Source, if left of its own accord. Remember that? Merge your emotional bodies so it is One... in all moments.”
We both looked across at her... but she had gone... and we walked hand in hand through the misty night air, across the grass towards the Blue Wren Clan encampment. The moon hung like a silver sickle high in the sky.
I felt uncomfortable and sorrow welled up inside me. Tears escaped. I snuggled closer into my jacket. Bindu stopped walking, put his hands on my shoulders and looked at me. “Yes, I’m feeling that, too. What is it?”
“It’s so sad that we had to create special groves to remind us of our divinity – even then. Why couldn’t we see it reflected back to us everywhere! Before we know it, we were building temples and churches! Look,” I picked up a small pebble. “This is divine! It is our mirror, too!”
Bindu hugged me to him tightly, tears falling.
After some moments he let out a long sigh. “Since connecting with you, I’m not quite sure what’s dream or reality... my life was relatively boring.”
I wiped my cheeks. “Are you sure you want this relationship with me? It occurs to me that it’s much easier to be distracted by the illusion.”
“Easier? I don’t think so. I think it’s more difficult to ignore truth!” He was agitated, and looked away, beginning to walk again.
I reached out to him, holding onto a sleeve. “But wasn’t life more simple when your reactions were governed by fear? When you allowed yourself to be vulnerable to illness? When sadness and grief moved you? When you had a woman who gave you uncomplicated pleasure... who told you that she loved you?” I breathed deeply.
He looked somewhat perplexed and gently shook his sleeve free. “What do you mean? Life was so vacuous!” He turned toward me and looked at me closely. “Morgan, for me there is no point to a ‘romantic’ relationship! I’ve tried that. It’s distraction from my path. I want more than an emotional attachment.” He held my gaze for a moment, then turned and walked ahead in silence.
“Bindu?” I called quietly. “My passion is for God. As a separated human, you come second!”
He turned and looked at me through the darkness. His eyes shone in the moon’s weak light. He returned to where I still stood. “I Know that. For me, too,” he said quietly. “But it is God that we find in the sharing of our Hearts, isn’t it? God is our unity. We are God. Without God, we are nothing.”
I nodded in agreement. “I gave my will to God,” I said, wanting him to know how serious my path was. “Before birth.”
“And what does God say about our relationship?” he asked, prepared to act upon whatever I said.
I smiled. “My Heart is overwhelmed with joy.”
“God’s Will be done.” He turned and continued towards my hut.

Sacred Powers (p231)
Thoth had been working quietly and steadily, perfecting the symbol of the Godhead within the land of Khem. Over a chamber of crystals deep within the Earth, the pyramid used the power activated to virtually build itself... rising stone by stone out of the sands of time. With the combined energy of the other four, Thoth used his own embodiment as the focus which enabled this alchemy to occur. Over the vehicle of Light that had brought them from Atlantis, stones arose and formed into the likeness of a lion with a man’s head.
The great pyramid symbolised the energetic body system of the forms taken by Spirit when we descended into physicality. When we chose to experience separation, Thoth had quickly found his way through the Veils of Darkness and, challenged by the mysteries that confronted him, was able to create a timeless symbol which would serve to awaken beings from a distant future. These time capsules would aid adepts of the Mystery Schools to move beyond the physical realm, without death. If anyone should discover the chambers within the Sphinx... or those beneath the body of this creature, they would find the key of transcendence of time and space... the dimension that does not exist within physicality.
Between these structures is a tunnel, symbolising the connection between the inner and outer dimensions of being and wholeness.
When Set withdrew his support, Osiris saw no reason to struggle with him. Osiris simply had no dark reflection, and could not see his brother as evil. He took the opportunity to work directly with Thoth.
The animals circled... their sacred powers still to be assessed.

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