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Readers' Comments

"Your novel Beyond the Veils of Time inspired me... Once I get started reading and absorbing such a fanastic novel I can't put it down. I don't have any trouble following or understanding the spiritual concepts and timelines in the book. I know this is channelled material... Your book really resonates with me... Your novel confirms all the spiritual teachings I've been learning over the past five years... I've been releasing some core wounds."
Jan Grokett, USA

"... couldn't put it down, in fact."
Lilian Ewing, Perth, Australia

"Thank you for your generosity in sending me such a wonderful book full of wisdom."
Luis Prada, USA

"I began reading/living in Beyond the Veils of Time and whether I'm reading it or going about my daily things it is on-going within me... is a living part of me that I am aware of... Its been easy and rich reading for me as it flows through me as blood does in my physical body.... words hardly describe the experience... its not like reading a book ...it doesnt stop when I stop reading. There's times I just know what happens next... because I am part of it and remember on some level... I knew it was more than a story from the start... it was just too real for me, so familiar. I think I've been waiting for this for a long time. Like Morgan had triggers. Veils was one of my triggers."
Mixchel Tabor, Findhorn, Scotland

"It's been a long time since I've enjoyed reading anything this much. I have thoroughly enjoyed your book. It was a thrill to read something that I could identify so closely with."
Nancy Munroe, USA

"Great Book! I find it to be a great 'How To' and it has answered alot of questions that I have had. It has also validated many beliefs that I have developed over the years."
Julia Miller , Florida, USA

"It took me a while to realize that it was more than just a story. This really hit home when I read the part where Jesus is speaking to the children. I really sensed that the words that were there for me to read were, indeed, from Jesus. Even through the new-age terminology, the expression was from Him. From that point I started reading it as if there was a lot coming through from spirit through the words."
Peter Stewart, Japan

"Thank you, Selenna, for sharing the BTVOT with me. I find it honest, direct and sincere. It speaks to my heart. So far I've refused to finish the book with my eyes. I think I'm still roaming through the feelings, allowing the story to reach me through a web of lives. Your light strands reach so far and wide..."
James Clarke, Georgia, USA

"BTVOT is lovely... and welcome and appreciated by this one who lives each day walking the talk of bringing light in and encouraging any who ask to remember who they really are."
Mark, Vermont, USA

"Veils certainly opens doors for me to be able to release fears regarding intimacy and relationship and I hope to find the people I can practice with."
Yoni Hoffman, Israel

"Veils is the first book of it's kind I have read, so I feared a little that I would be overwhelmed by it. But it seems to have fitted in perfectly day-to-day for me, challenging or encouraging my thoughts and views as the right moments came. It certainly wasn't like reading any other 'common book' I have layed eyes on before. Thank you again Selenna and all those involved for this truly amazing work!"
Ashley Flynn, Canberra, Australia

"Thank you so much for the opportumity to read your book, Beyond the Veils of Time. It is hard to express the joy I felt as I read, understood and totally resonated with all the ideas expressed in this magical story. I have read a great deal of Science Fiction/Fantasy in my life (though very litle in the past 20 years, as I've concentrated on non fiction). My favouite author as a young adult was John Wyndham, and his book, 'The Chrysalids', I still count as one of my favourite novels. However, both Nemeton and this story are so deep and profound, and would now count as some of the best fiction I have read. I guess it is mostly going to appeal to those who are already waking to this reality."
Marianne Fraser, Hobart, Australia

Reader reviews on Amazon

An Enduring Timeless Story, November 13, 2005

by YaEl Ben Aharon (Jerusalem, Israel) This review is from: Beyond The Veils Of Time (Paperback)
Selenna in her book BTVOT writes about the importance of relationships as catalysts to spiritual evolution. Through intimacy, love and sex her characters learn to face their fears and grow into beings of light.

The main story in Selenna's tale is one that follows the woman Morgan from before her birth until her (what might be called) enlightenment. Morgan's journey is compared to the well known characters of Arthur's tales and the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt. The dynamics of the characters in Selenna's story shows us clearly the pitfalls of fear that create war and the steppingstones of love that create peace.

The journey in BTVOT, in fact, can be seen as a continuous one. It can be seen as a continuing saga of the reincarnated Gods and Goddesses of Egypt. The Gods continue there incarnations as the Arthurian characters and then into the present, or near future time as the characters of Morgan and her companions. The mystery of this journey is that all these characters are archetypal representations of ourselves and show us our own journey through time and through life.

Morgan's journey through the mists of relationship and spiritual evolution take her to an important place beyond a current paradigm of relationship - Monogamy. Her family is one that is spiritual and as such goes beyond the veils of fear and jealousy. In a world where divorce, spousal abuse, alienation and serial monogamy are more prevalent than successful marriages it is important to become aware that there are alternative ways to love and create family. Sellena gives us a peek at what honest, open, spiritual relationships should look like and a path that will lead us towards our goal of spiritual fulfillment.


Looking for depth ? Start with BTVOT!, August 6, 2005

by Mark Vengerow (Morrisville, Vermont, America)

Morgan's struggles and ultimate growth are life lessons that I think will touch almost any reader very deeply - the archetypes present in the story have been present since before the recorded
history of our species, and are critically important ones for people all over the planet to visit and consider.

One possible warning: this is NOT light reading ! Readers seeking a placid story for bedtime will not find it here.

It touches so many deep subjects and places in such a visionary manner that it is almost impossible to set it down.

The experience of this work is a very personal one - not only was that my experience, but also the experience of those I have shared this book with. From what I know of the author, she has continued to grow through her writing and as a result the later works are well worth the reader's time, and I highly
recommend this author and her works.

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