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A Question of SovereigntyA Question of Sovereignty

- A Story of Love -

She came from the peace and serenity of the forested isle of Tasmania, the world and her future stretched out before her. She had only to choose her destiny. He came from the strictures of tradition, bound by the complex limitations of his thousand year heritage. It seemed impossible! Or could they allow love to show them a freedom each had never dreamed existed?

Set in post-republican Tasmania and the United Kingdom, this story explores the relevance of a monarchy in the 20th Century. It is a classic story of the struggle between love and duty... complicated by the young heir caught between his father's influence and that of his mother, as well as the unresolved issues surrounding her short life that already had archetypal consequences for the western world.

It is a story of love and its arch-nemesis, fear. Most of all, it is a story about freedom... and the courageous quest of following one's heart.


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Author's Note

A few short weeks after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and three years before the Sydney Olympic Games, where Tasmanian woman, Mary Donaldson, met the prince she was later to marry, I was on a retreat, alone for eight days. On the fifth day, I received the bare bones of this story as a 'gift', it seemed, and for the next three days I was constantly inspired with new scenes and could not stop scribbling on what little paper I had with me. By the time I rejoined my family, my excitement was almost overwhelming. I knew I had a story which would be welcomed as a way of better understanding and offering a positive legacy from Diana's death, which had clearly shattered the hopes and dreams of so many people. She represented such a potential of unconditional love rarely seen at that echelon of society, and it was simply impossible to imagine that that grace had been quenched by something so limiting as physical death. I didn't need to write it, I had to.

Since her death, Diana's message has been discouraged. To remain untouched by love is so much easier for any institution, especially a monarchy, which would find it difficult to exist without duty and hierarchical authority holding such a structure together. The gift Princess Diana gave to her sons, and to the world that watched, was simply to be open to love. For what it's worth, I believe that much of what I write conveys what she represented to millions. Her energy can never be forgotten, regardless of how logic dictates that it should. In the scheme of things, she was not here for long and to some she may have been a 'tiresome girl', but her integral beauty persists, a permanent place in history. We can not deny that. Nor can we deny her influence upon her sons or their right to love and be proud of her. It is not the future of Prince William about which I write, but a possible scenario which is already consigned to the corridors of myth where it belongs. It does not exist in the physical, apart from upon these pages, and never will. My deepest wish is that what Diana's son, William, brings to history will be of his own making.

This story is not a frivilous romance. This love story does not focus upon the meeting of souls, but on the reflection of what love is and how it changes and strengthens us as human beings. It can make us powerful beyond measure. The process of confronting one's demons and growing stronger in the knowledge of one's identity is the path of universal integrity. It is a process of reconciliation between mind and heart... between logic and intuition. It is the path that binds us as humans, regardless of title or status, and the healing allows us our freedom. Love is our equality and freedom is our sovereign birthright.

As it is a universal story of personal sovereignty which requires a backdrop of living archetypal figures, it would be meaningless to try to hide their identities or use ficticious counterparts. But the story deals with all the 'living' characters fictionally and, I believe, with dignity as well as offering a positive outcome. If I have touched a chord of truth within any of them, it is entirely coincidental.
And as far as Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark are concerned...

May, 2000 (revisited January, 2005)

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