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A Question of SovereigntyA Question of Sovereignty

- A Story of Love -

Readers' Comments

"I was captivated from the outset and could not put it down. There are, I believe, important issues here, not only regarding personal sovereignty, but also relationships both intimate and general and how we may nurture these.
My heart went out to all the characters, they felt like family to me. I just wanted this book to go on and on.
This is a courageous work and I applaud the author and all involved."
Lindley O'May, South Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

"A Question of Sovereignty works upon one a little like a seduction! There is an initial flirtation with a 'good yarn' that draws one on and into a passionate involvement. An involvement not only with its central characters but also with one's own internal processes. It challenges belief systems and asks of us that in pondering the relevance and meaning of an external power structure (and its place within an historical context and ongoing significance: or not) that we also examine the question of our own personal sovereignty; the taking on of complete responsibility for our own lives and all that that entails.
On this level it can, at times, be quite 'shocking' as one comes up against one's own prejudices and the possibility that long held and unquestioned beliefs may need some radical rethinking. Like all flirtations and seductions it can be enjoyed as 'a bit of a diversion' but will only yield up greater 'treasures' and understanding if one is prepared to take on the challenge of total commitment to Self and the Greater Whole.
Read it!"
Alan Andrews, Premaydena, Australia

"'Dr Zhivago', 'Anna Karenina' and 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' are peopled by those who appear to have little or no choice. Their lives are preordained, to go against the flow leads to being a social outcast, for some a loss of place that can lead to death. There is no Freedom in these great Love Stories. Love itself appears to result in being incarcerated.
Is this what Love means? Is this my destiny? Is this my grandchildren's destiny? No!
What a Joy to be given A Question of Sovereignty - A Story of Love.
Having started to read, I couldn't put it aside. Necessary interruptions left me feeling impatient to return to this wonderful 'Story of Love'. I laughed and I wept. It was me and mine who peopled this story. I can make a difference in my life.
Selenna has with amazing honesty, with courage and great skill given us a love story that shows a destiny filled with Love, Freedom and a trust in God. After completing the story I wanted to reread parts. But... I couldn't. I think perhaps I was afraid that it didn't contain the Love, the Wisdom that I had believed it did. But... what a joy to find that when I do reopen the book... at any page... I am filled with the same wonder. There is the Love and the Wisdom that allows one to go beyond a Life based in Fear.
This is a story of the human capacity to experience Personal Sovereignty, to have Freedom within Love."
Lesley Raaen, Hobart, Australia.


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Copyright © Pam Giblin (Selenna) - Hobart, Tasmania 1992, 2011