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About Selenna

Selenna (Pam Giblin) was born Pamela Jane Moore in 1958 in Tasmania, Australia to an atheist academic father obsessed with the mind, and a nurse mother obsessed with the body. Despite this, they were loving parents whose social consciences served to teach her the value of a commitment to justice and truth.

The second last of five children, Selenna's childhood household was noisy and her sense of self seemed to struggle for its very survival. To escape, she filled her hours with fantasy and dreams. Floating through youth and adolescence, she observed that people were resiliant beyond the capacity of their minds, yet they were often ignorant of their own consciousness. The mind alone just didn't hold the answer. Finally she recognised there was something else at work...

In 1982 she met her partner, Tom. For the next decade they spent their time in an euphoric valley in Southeast Tasmania. During that time, a group of people set up an 'alternative lifestyle' community adjacent to their land. Pam and parents 1992This small group had a profound impact on Selenna and her family. In searching for their own spirituality, and with the Buddhist influence of the community, it had all begun to gel into something more vast, of greater value.

Always wanting to write, her desire had been put on hold in favour of creating a house and family. But, although the community on her doorstep folded, the memory would live on. The professionals always say, "Write about what you know." Nemeton sprang from this enormously enriching experience, as a way of uniting the various ideologies and thanking this tribal family for its generosity and love during that time.

Pam presents a copy of her first novel to her parents, 1992

Having made the decision to home-school their children, they decided to travel mainland Australia with their family, taking each day as it arrived. The ten month episode was filled with many joyful encounters and new friendships. It was no 'holiday', however. On their return to Tasmania, the inner journey was chronicled, from its many dimensional viewpoints, in Beyond the Veils of Time. Selenna perceived A Question of Sovereignty as being 'a gift from Spirit', received during a solitary retreat in September 1997.

This journey continued to take her outwards. From 1999 to 2001, Selenna produced and presented a radio program dedicated to helping others find the tools to self-empowerment. 'Wounded Healer' was broadcast weekly at the local community radio station, Tasman FM. In March 2001, Wounded Healer was picked up by Community Radio Satellite for national distribution.

Selenna on air at 97.7 Tasman FM

Returing to city life, her focus has changed. After meeting Altea America in 2002, she wrote Daughter of the Sun God, which was published in 2011.

In 2009 Selenna became a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant.



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