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Intuitive, uplifting and inspiring novels about human potential… Book launch 2011

This site is for you. Writing is not a choice for me, it is something I have always been compelled to do by higher forces than exist within my physical body. I am often asked, “Is this channelled?” I understand what is being asked, but the answer is not a simple “yes”. When writing my first novel, Nemeton, I sensed that it already existed in the ethers and I knew how long it would be and indeed what was needed to translate that energy.

I have had a drive to create each of my books, but each has had its own conception and, once birthed, has had a varied and individual life of its own. Nemeton began as a short story; Beyond the Veils of Time was answering my own curiosity about Morgan, one of the central characters in Nemeton; A Question of Sovereignty was borne out of Diana, Princess of Wales' death and a desire to see her son recognise her; and Daughter of the Sun God was a yearning to discover Atlantis intimately and to write the story of Altea America.

Book launch, Daughter of the Sun God, 2011

I have written them through the filter that my personal karma determines, but the Universe – with its many messengers - has dictated the direction and the focus.

There is a passage in my latest novel:

“We are all made from the stuff of stars, they say, just as we are all perceived of in the One great mind. I tap into this stream of consciousness... and reveal what is, so we all can move beyond the chaos of duality into a reality of union and harmony.
“I am the messenger. I am all within these pages, as I am you. In our nakedness, our innocence, we fill ourselves with a sanity which sits easily within our hearts. Some are content to be seduced by bliss. Most of us venture no further; but some do. The intrepid travellers, the wanderers... courageous enough to reach down so far it hurts, where all is revealed.
“Thoth, the great inventor of written language... the symbolist. How I adore and admire this process to capture thought and interpret it, translate it into words which can then be transferred through the body as if an electrical current, and placed on a page via a small symbol. We then share each other’s thoughts, feelings, and the deepest yearnings of humanity.
“And we recognise ourselves.”

This is, essentially, how I feel my novels came to be.

I invite you to join me in the discoveries within their pages…




Beyond the Veils
of Time


A Question of Sovereignty


Daughter of the
Sun God - The Fall


Daughter of the
Sun God - Grace


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